I create digital products and invest in income producing assets.

About Yaro

My goal is to build enough income producing assets to fully sustain my lifestyle. A few of those assets include SaaS projects, podcasts, newsletters, crypto, real estate rentals, and a stock dividend portfolio.

My non-work hobbies include triathlons, collecting Pokemon cards, traveling, poker, chess, MMA, and spending quality time with my family.


IndieStack10/21/2019Private community for digital makers, bootstrappers, and indie founders.Acquired (5-figure exit)
Newsletter Crew1/05/2020Podcast, membership, and blog helping you become a more successful newsletter creator.Acquired (6-figure exit)
ReferralKit10/01/2020Newsletter referral SaaS. Put your newsletter growth on autopilotAcquired (5-figure exit)
Playgroup03/25/2021Powerful platform to start and grow your own online community. Shutdown (acquired for a loss)
Alts Club11/18/2022Newsletter and community focusing on alternative investments.Acquired (4-figure exit)
Mr Retire Early03/26/2023Newsletter to unlock the essential guide to achieving financial freedom and early retirement.Active
Supasend09/03/2023Cold email outreach automation SaaSActive
Digital Profits11/13/2023Expertly analyzed digital businesses for sale in your inboxActive


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